A wonderful find at the local farmers market.  The sprite melon is an oval shaped fruit with creamy yellow skin that originated in Japan. Similar in taste to the honeydew melon, it pairs well a salty meat and herbs.   Whip up this no cook hors d’oeuvre in no time for your summer evening garden party.

1 sprite melon-skin removed and cut into bite size chunks
1 package of prosciutto-fat trimmed (I use Boar’s Head brand because it is gluten free)
fresh basil-large leaves to set it on and smaller leaves to eat
toothpicks/party picks

Cut the melon into chunks, wrap with prosciutto and place a basil leaf on top and insert the party pick.  Serve on a footed tray.

The basil leaves that the melon bites are sitting on are my opal basil (purple in color) and the leaves on top are sweet basil (green) both from my Culinary Herb Garden.

IMG_4401IMG_4408IMG_4410IMG_3289 (1)

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