Makes a beautiful presentation! Can easily be made vegetarian if you omit the prosciutto!

Mission figs were introduced to the United States in the mid 1700’s when Franciscan missionaries planted them in San Diego and along the California coast.  This variety of fig is dark skinned with a pinkish, seedy interior.  Below is a recipe highlighting mission figs, that  delivers an artistic, sweet and salty snack or party hors d’ oeuvre.  Assemble in the order listed, within minutes!

Mission Figs-wash, pat dry and cut in half
Goat cheese-schmere desired amount
Prosciutto-sliced thin, cut into pieces and folded into little pillows
Basil leaves-sweet green basil or opal basil (pictured with opal basil above)

photo copy
Party platter!


What are you preparing with mission figs this season?


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